‘A wellbeing class for anyone who wants to take better responsibility for their health at work’


About the class

MindFit BodyFit classes offer an alternative to traditional fitness centre classes by taking the best from Yoga (flexibility, meditation, mindfulness) and Pilates (for core strength).


This class teaches the basics in….

  • Alignment
  • Breathing
  • Core control
  • Relaxation
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness

….through use of Yoga/Pilates movements and exercises. Because it doesn’t rely on one methodology and there are variances in subject matter taught each week, the doors are thrown wide open and a range of wellbeing self-leadership skills are learnt.  Additionally, each class is structured differently with a new learning each week.


Results include:-

  • improved running times
  • commitment to a new fitness class e.g. Pilates.
  • information delivered in the class used to enable better relaxation when at home
  • a growing sense of building self-leadership skills and improvement of self-care.
  • decreased lower back, neck, shoulder aches and pains
  • greater muscular strength and endurance gains in sports simply because the participant has become core focused.



The ideal client wants to learn

….to work their mind/body in their favour, not against them i.e. increase resilience, decrease stress.

….and is prepared to invest time in themselves to improve their wellbeing and their performance at work and home.

….self-leadership skills for wellbeing purposes.
….wants to participate in an exclusive, small sized class and is open to receiving feedback each session.

….a regular form of gentle but effective physical activity to improve their underlying core strength and flexibility.  E.G. a runner, golfer, cyclist etc who is looking to produce better results would greatly benefit.

…..to improve their muscular fitness and endurance without sweat and toil.



 Why combine movement and learning?

“Knowledge is acquired and better retained whilst moving”.


The combination of physical movement and a desire to learn, puts the brain of the learner in the optimal and fastest position for them to learn. Engaging at a physical level activates the creative side of the mind and enables better absorption of the information taught especially in a MFBF wellbeing class. In this way participants are able to reach new levels of self-discovery and self -expression while making deeper emotional, self-leadership connections within themselves.


About Karen James

Karen our MindFit BodyFit Total professional has worked as a high end corporate staff and management trainer over 20 years.  This experience has allowed Karen to understand the complexities of working within a modern company, and to experience and observe the associated wellbeing issues this can bring about for the employee. Simultaneously Karen has built a successful side career in teaching wellbeing classes to the elite. Karen has coached at The Meadhurst Club since 2015 proving very popular with our dedicated members. Approach is to guide and gently reinforce key learning points ensuring the participant leaves not just having participated but gained understanding about why they are doing what they are doing.



Course pricing structure

  • 6 week personalised tuition course 45 minutes – £90 (Course will run Tuesdays at 12.45pm commencing 5th June)
  • 6 week drop in relaxation session 30 minutes – £6 (Course will run Mondays at 18.00pm commencing 4th June)

N.B Please note this is a paid six week course and is not included in membership prices.



Contact Details

To register your interest, take part or to ask any further questions regarding the course please contact Karen James directly on;



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