Tribe Team Training

TRIBE Team Training™  at the Meadhurst Club

TRIBE Team Training™ is small group personal training that takes place over a dynamic and progressive 6 week course. TRIBE Team Training™ members will experience fun, belonging, control, support, reassurance and challenges all in a motivating environment that will respect their individuality so they can achieve more.

The Meadhurst Club currently runs  TribeLIFE™ and TribeFIT classes.

TribeLIFE™ will make you functionally fit for what ever challenge life throws at you. It combines low impact aerobic movements with functional strength exercises as well as core and flexibility exercises that will give you renewed energy to take on more of what life has to offer.

TribeFIT will make you functionally fit by combining athletic aerobic movements with functional strength exercises that will have you looking and feeling amazingly fit. Inspirational TribeFIT Coaches and powerful music will be with you every step of the way coaching and motivating you to new levels of strength and fitness season after season.

TribeLIFE™ runs every Tuesday and Thursday at 18:00pm and the cost of the 12 session course is £120.00.

TribeFIT runs every Monday and Wednesday at 12:00pm and the cost of the 18 session course is £150.00.

Feedback from these members include –

“After having gone through physio for 2 months, due to a back injury and numerous other injuries prior to that, time was right to start getting fitter.  Week 1, OMG hard work and didn’t think would get through it and most unfit person in the room.  But 6 weeks on feel much stronger and have had no problems with any of my previous injuries.  I have lost 2 inches off my waistline, inch off my legs and am sure the more I will do more will come off, thoroughly recommend it, has been a great journey and very enjoyable”


“I must admit I was dragged to Tribe LIFE by a friend who was already addicted. But since doing it, I am completely addicted too! It has improved my fitness and strength more than I ever could have imagined. The trainers are brilliant too. Alice, Lisa and Dave have helped me to set personal targets each season and pushed me to achieve them all. It has given me so much confidence in my body, my abilities and my strength of mind. Since starting Tribe about 18 months ago I have lost 5KG’s, and my body shape has changed completely – I love how fit and strong I feel. Each workout is so different and so challenging, really no other exercise class I have ever done, or have done since starting Tribe, really compares to it. There is a real sense of comradery in the class as we all sweat and work to achieve the challenges set for us. Each season seems to have a different ‘theme’ so it hasn’t been boring to do season after season – I never know how each season is going to challenge me, or even what the next work out will be! I still feel so much anticipation when I turn up to class and the workout is ‘revealed’. I would honestly say whatever reason I might have had for starting Tribe, whether it be to improved fitness, weight loss or improve muscle tone – the results have been an all -round improvement of everything, just way more than I could have ever imagined. I would highly recommend it “




TRIBE Team Training™ runs in 6 week seasons that run throughout the year. Here are the dates for TRIBE Team Training™  2018


FREE TRIAL WEEK- Monday 15th January – Friday 19th January

SEASON 1- Monday 22nd January – Friday 2nd March

FREE TRIAL WEEK- Monday 5th March – Friday 9th March

SEASON 2- Monday 12th March – Friday 20th April

FREE TRIAL WEEK- Monday 23rd April – Friday 27th April

SEASON 3- Monday 30th April – Friday 8th June

FREE TRIAL WEEK- Monday 11th June – Friday 15th June

SEASON 4- Monday 18th June – Friday 27th July

FREE TRIAL WEEK- Monday 30th July – Friday 3rd August

SEASON 5- Monday 6th August – Friday 14th September

FREE TRIAL WEEK- Monday 17th September – Friday 21st September

SEASON 6- Monday 24th September – Friday 2nd November

FREE TRIAL WEEK- Monday 5th November – Friday 9th November

SEASON 7- Monday 12th November – Friday 17th December

For more information about TRIBE Team Training™ please contact Alice Jones at



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