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There are many facilities available to book by members at The Meadhurst Club.

Personal Training with Meadhurst Club

Our team are ready to help you achieve your goals; stay focused, get motivated, plus achieve results faster. Our team of Personal Trainers are here to support you with your fitness goals.

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Alice Jones


Level 3 Personal Trainer

Pre/Post Natal qualified instructor

Weight loss and Management

Health and Fitness Manager

I have many years of experience in the fitness industry and have helped a vast amount of clients achieve their desired goals, be it weight loss and toning, safe training throughout pregnancy/after giving birth, to specific sports requirements such as triathlons/marathons. From my 10 years plus experience I understand that every individual is different and that the approach to fitness needs to flexible and realistic for each individual. I can help you achieve your goals whilst enjoying every session with something new, exciting, challenging and dynamic. For a consultation and to discuss further please contact me.

Contact – 01932763500 


Harry Foster


Level 3 Personal Trainer

BSc in Health and Fitness Science

Weight loss and Management

Circuit/Combat and Martial Arts instructor

I have experience in training an extensive range of clients, ranging from weight loss and management to sport specific training. I have developed skills with my practical work training clients and competing, along with learning a more scientific approach to training during my degree in Health and Fitness Science. I believe that the focus and discipline from these arts can help us to build successful and long term achievable goals for you – enabling us to feel better physically and mentally – all alongside a realistic and fun training programme.

I can also offer one to one or group specific martial art/combat sessions

Contact – 01932763500


Mel Conolly


REPS Level 2 Gym Instruction

REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer

Pre/Post Natal Qualified Instructor

I am hugely passionate about healthy living through movement and clean eating. I love motivating clients to appreciate the value of this holistic approach and measure the amazing results that our discipline and determination can achieve. I’m happy to help you with your own individual goals; whether it’s conditioning, postural alignment, core and muscle strengthening or stretching and mobility.

Contact – 01932763500


Joseph Williams


Level 3 Personal Trainer

Nutrition for health and fitness

Sports Massage and Rehab

Exercise Referral

Weight loss and Management

Qualified in martial arts

I have developed my own brand of Personal Training called pHit Balance. pHit balance is more than personal training – its working with individuals creating a specific workout so together we can achieve a sustainable, realistic goal, not only focusing on the body but also the mental approach creating a totally balanced body workout. It is a philosophy, one that brings together all the elements of well being – Flexibility, Fitness, Strength, Mobility, Nutrition and Positive Mental approach.


Ian May


Level 3 Personal Trainer

Exercise Rehabilitation

Sports specific training

I offer one to one and group personal training. I prioritise training for longevity, and therefore place a high focus on improving the posture, mobility and health of all my clients. As a former south of England athlete, I understand the importance of creating a solid foundation in order to strive for greater accomplishments. I offer a bespoke fitness service to each client. For a consultation please contact me.






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