Booking Etiquette

  • Water and a towel are essential for all activities. Towels can be collected free at reception, water also available from reception the bar and all buildings.
  • Any illness, injuries and pregnancies should be reported to the instructor prior to the start a class.
  • Class participants are not permitted to enter a class once the warm up has commenced. Approximately 5 mins after the start of the class, please ask reception if you can attend if you are late, do not just enter the class late.
  • Please respect that class numbers are in place for a reason i.e. that is the full capacity due to the space, safety, equipment quantity or the instructor has requested no more than this as a maximum number.
  • Non-members can only use the facilities once they have signed in at reception. They have to stay with the member who is signing them in at all times. They will need to pay a £5 guest fee in order to be granted entry.
  • Non-members are not permitted to advance book classes.
  • Guests of a member attending a class will need to pay the ‘Class Pass’ fee of £8.
  • Footwear is to be worn on route to and from all activities, at all times.
  • No bags or coats are to be allowed in the studios due to them potentially being a trip hazard.
  • If you do not attend a pre-booked session and have not let us know before hand you account will be marked with a ‘no show’. If you receive three ‘no shows’ in a quarter, your account will be locked for a week. This will mean that you will be banned from booking any activities for 7 days after your third strike. This helps us to encourage members to cancel any sessions they can no longer attend, allowing those on the waiting list or wanting to book a court to be given a slot
  •  Please contact us at for any cancellations, to avoid ‘no show’ emails.


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